The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
WHAT professionals say...
  • Baltimore's Best Kids' Entertainer 1996, Baltimore's Best Magician 1998.
  • Certified by the Cultural Arts and Resource Guide of the Honorable Mayor of Baltimore.
  • Approved by Baltimore County Board of Education.
"The songs and sayings were easy for the children to remember. Even the teachers use his reminders. If you need a quality, hands on performance about Recycling...give Magic Michael a call."
KinderCare - Columbia, Maryland

"...what a big hit you were...! Every student and teacher thought you were great! I would be delighted to share our wonderful experience."
JPDS Day School - Washington, DC

"Your performances were sensational. Your ability to establish and to maintain rapport with an audience of all ages - young children, students and adults - is outstanding!"
Giant Food Corporation

"I was impressed by your ability to present important information about safety in such a humorous and energetic manner. Thank you for making such and effort to teach and entertain the children."
Borders Books & Music

"You kept the entire group in the palm of your hand...The musical terms and facts included in the show tied in beautifully with this year's reading theme. This was a fantastic family program."
Baltimore County Public Library System

"Michael appealed equally to the youngest and oldest of our (grades 1-5)... nature of his 'magic' was very entertaining, appropriate for elementary... illustrated a good show does not need to include violence... a large degree of audience participation."
Grace & St. Peter's School - Baltimore, Maryland

"The quality that impressed me most was the marriage of wholesome and healthy elements to fascinating magic and engaging humor."
KinderKademy - Baltimore, Maryland

"Your way with the kids and the whole audience is so special."
JCCNV - Fairfax, VA